BricksEstate Easter Community Contest

  1. FollowBricksestate official Twitter @bricks_estate
  2. Join our telegram group:
  3. Tweet your infographic creators/memes/stickers/GIF/art and @bricks_estate and tag 3 friends, also use Hashtags #BRICKSESTATE #BRICK #eastercontest #IDO #BSC #REALESTATE #NFT
  4. Fill this form:
  • Must be your original work — We’ll know if it’s been copied
  • All rights to the work will be automatically transferred to Bricksestate and owned solely by Bricksestate and may be trademarked by Bricksestate. You will not have any further rights to the work and Bricksestate will not have any liability to you.
  • All submissions have to be SFW, NSFW content is not allowed!
  • The Bricksestate team reserves the right to select winners and disqualify participants at their discretion.



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Bricks Estate

Bricks Estate


BricksEstate is a community blockchain project that will allow investors access to a variety of real estate properties through fractional ownership.