The BRICK staking pool is now live on Polaris

Bricks Estate
Aug 3, 2021


📢 Great News 🥳

The BRICK staking pool is now live on Polaris.

Remember to make an LP on Pancakeswap first here 👉

And then stake the LP contract tokens on the Polaris platform here 👉

For a video tutorial on how to create LP tokens please follow this link 👉

For more on how the Polaris platform works you can follow the link here 👉




Bricksestate is a community project where users can access a variety of real estates and properties and own full or part these assets and be part of the ever growing real estate industry.

✅Contract Audited
✅Team Token Locked
✅Non-Mintable Supply
✳️More Partnerships
✳️Mobile App
♻️Exchange Listings



Bricks Estate

BricksEstate is a community blockchain project that will allow investors access to a variety of real estate properties through fractional ownership.