Great News

We are moving from strength to strength and with that we are happy to announce that we will have our STAKING PROGRAM with POLARIS 👏👏👏

Staking will start on the 2nd of August 2021 with Polaris Defi


Polaris is a fairly distributed competitive farming protocol and launchpad platform on Binance Smart Chain.

A guide to how to use Polaris platform is given in this article

It’s a very simple process where one can stake their $BRICK tokens to earn various reward tokens 🚨🚨🚨

We are thrilled to announce BricksEstate has launched the interesting and challenging tasks for Easter. Show your dedication, creativity, and win up to $2,000 worth of BRICK!

Date: March 31- April 7

Content includes:

📍 Infographic creators

📍 Memes & Stickers



How do participants Bricksestate Easter Community…

📢 Great News 🥳

The BRICK staking pool is now live on Polaris.

Remember to make an LP on Pancakeswap first here 👉

And then stake the LP contract tokens on the Polaris platform here 👉

For a video tutorial on how to create LP tokens please follow this link 👉

For more on how the Polaris platform works you can follow the link here 👉




Bricksestate is a community project where users can access a variety of real estates and properties and own full or part these assets and be part of the ever growing real estate industry.

✅Contract Audited
✅Team Token Locked
✅Non-Mintable Supply
✳️More Partnerships
✳️Mobile App
♻️Exchange Listings

Bricksestate pre-sale will go live on the 25th of May.

We are glad to announce our pre-sale will take place with two great launch pads @Bafifinance and @BSCTrust.

BRICK will also list on BAFISWAP Open FARM and Pancakeswap immediately after the IDO.

Please check in the telegram with each platform for white list and qualification details to enter the pre-sales.

BSCtrust Website:

BSCtrust Telegram:

BAFI Website:

BAFI Telegram:


💥Step 1: Login using the link above
💥Step 2: connect your wallet to the platform
💥Step 3: scroll to find BRICK then click on participate
💥step 4: input your preferred amount of BNB and the amount of BRICK token will be calculated automatically by the system for you.
💥step 5: confirm your transaction and wait for the pre-sale to end!

💥 liquidity will be added and locked automatically on pancakeswap once the pre-sale is complete and BRICK token will be listed on pancakeswap.

you must not have FRIDGE token to participate in the pre-sale. BNB is the required token.
Those with 2000 FRIDGE token only can have early access to the pre-sale.

You will have an amazing experience with BRICKsestate.

BricksEstate is a community blockchain project that will allow investors access to a variety of real estates and properties owning full or parts of these assets through fractional ownership and be part of the ever-growing real estate industry.

BricksEstate aims to offer clients a verifiable record of property data that…

Bricks Estate

BricksEstate is a community blockchain project that will allow investors access to a variety of real estate properties through fractional ownership.

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